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Jindee Land For Sale

We recognise that people have different lifestyles, so the Jindee masterplan includes land for sale ranging from 250m2 to 2000m2. Our first Jindee Land Release, Stages 1a and 1b are part of four initial land releases, set around 900m from the Jindee beach. Their lots range from 250m2 to 797m2, with more land for sale to be released in 2020. Subsequent land releases will continue to follow the natural flow of the land down the coastal cliffs and the sweeping white beaches around Jindalee. The decision to buy land at Jindee is a decision to have a lifestyle in an easy-going coastal community. Small parks and open areas are scattered amongst the Jindee streets and blocks, bringing light and space into the neighbourhood and providing open air places to relax and revive. The natural landscape of Jindalee has contours, ridges, valleys, rocky outcrops and natural undulations. These unique land features create a natural amphitheatre, that enable most of the site to be oriented towards the coast.