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Jindee House and Land Packages
Simply pick your block from the land releases below and you will be shown beautiful Jindee homes that match those lots.
We let you make your own Jindee house and land packages.  Or visit our Jindee Homes page to see all the homes that have been designed for our estate.
Fast Track Home
Fast Track Home
We have designed and refined a series of unique homes and matched them to perfectly suited Jindee Lots ready for you to customise with our team of builders. Obviously, your personalisation and customisation of the homes are welcome.
Talk to Nicola or one of our Fast Track builders now about getting started on your dream home now.
Ask about our FAST TRACK HOMES. Build quicker
Available Releases


Our Jindee House and Land packages have been designed to create timeless, classic homes that will appeal for generations to come. The homes will draw people out the front – to engage with our wonderfully easy-going coastal community. And to complement the beautiful shady streets.


The architecture will reflect the Australian traditions of living by the beach. Simple yet contemporary. Where the hot summer was dealt with naturally. Ceilings were high and buildings had verandahs. Jindee is bringing these ideas back to make living by the beach comfortable and relaxed. As it should be.


Our House and Land packages are designed to meet the stunning architectural guidelines of Jindee. No fuss, and peace of mind in knowing that every home will be beautiful. We are bringing bring beauty back into where we live.